Steve Jobs & the World of Mobile Insights for the Future

The focus of this two-in-one book is to give you the insights on mobile, where it is now, and its path into the future. Patrick Meyer does this starting with Steve Jobs , the inspiring CEO of Apple, and the resulting “Clash Of The Titans” (versus Google, Microsoft, Facebook,, etc.). This will give you the inside scoop on mobile, social and the emerging 3.0 world around you, and help “Shift Your Game” to a new level. The flip the book over and enjoy the second one on the Steve Jobs created world of apps in “Apps: The Inside Scoop”. Here Patrick (former President, NA of the global apps leader Sourcebits) provides an insider’s viewpoint on the true dynamics behind the magical little software packets for smartphones and tablets. Plus: Since NFC will be a predominant lifestyle technology in the emerging mobile future, is the “first NFC empowered book.” You may have noticed the Thinaire medallion on the cover of the book. Just Tap! and a whole new world unfolds…the latest on the book and other related items to engage in.

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